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A New Find for Timeless Basics

Now that I am preparing to live out of two suitcases for the next year, my minimalist side is euphoric.

I’ve always been a fan of scaling down and simplifying.  So thinking about what to pack and how to make the most out of my wardrobe has been quite inspiring.

In my hunt to find classic, timeless separates, I was overjoyed to recently come across the brand AYR, which stands for All Year Round.  How did I not know about this brand before?

It’s like a one stop shop for the ultimate capsule wardrobe.

AYR was started by three entrepreneurs with impressive backgrounds at major fashion shops, Maggie Winter (J. Crew), Jac Cameron (Madewell), and Max Bonbrest (H&M).

Their collection focuses on seasonless women’s-wear essentials with an emphasis on quality fabrics and craftsmanship and clean, modern lines.

Below are some of my favorite effortlessly chic pieces.

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