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An Ina Garten Inspired Food Tour of the Hamptons

As I’ve mentioned before I absolutely love Ina Garten whose dreamy cooking show is based in the Hamptons.  I find watching her show incredibly therapeutic.  I mean, the woman is clearly living her best life evidenced by the following:

  • She gets to wear the same thing everyday (life goals!)
  • She’s always looking for something to celebrate (Jeffrey is coming home! Hydrangeas are in bloom!)
  • Her garden is beyond dreamy
  • She says wise things like, “You can be miserable before a cookie and you can be miserable after you eat a cookie but you can’t be miserable while you eat a cookie.”

So naturally, Barefoot Contessa was the inspiration for our cooking trip to the Hamptons.  If you too are looking to take an Ina Garten inspired trip to the Hamptons, here are the food shops and farm stands we loved as well as a couple we can’t wait to try next time.

Specialty Stores:



One of our first stops when arriving in the Hamptons was Cavaniola’s in Sag Harbor.  We wanted to get here early in the trip in order to stock up on cheeses to pair with fruit and wine in the evenings.

I could not get enough of this shop.

Cavaniola’s Cheese Shop Sag Harbour Inside

I mean, have you ever seen such a beautiful crate of grapes?!

Grapes Cavaniola's Cheese Shop Sag Harbor

We had such a delightful time sampling cheeses and wanted to take advantage of the shop’s handpicked variety to try some different things.  After sampling a few, we ended up buying a dreamy creamy blue and sheep’s milk cheese, as well as some assorted olives.

Every time we had a taste that evening we were oohing and aweing as if we had never tasted cheese before.  Our selection may or may not have lasted one night.


Cavaniola’s Wine Cellar

Petrina Cavaniolas Wine Cellar Sag Harbor

Right next door to Cavaniola’s cheese shop is their wine shop.  It was cozy and not overwhelming or intimidating at all.  We loved both wines they recommended.  Our only regret was not buying more!

The gentleman running the shop suggested a Prosecco that was made within the DOCG guidelines but had a beer bottle top instead of s cork so couldn’t be certified, as well a delightfully refreshing Gamay.  Pleasantly, they were both reasonably priced as well.

It was so nice to have a curated selection of interesting wines and be able to leverage the expertise of the shopkeeper who was not only very knowledgeable and happy to take the time to talk to us, but also read our taste and budget well.


Scotto’s Italian Pork Store

Petrina and David Scotto's Pork Store

After landing at JFK we decided to stop in Hamptons Bay at Scotto’s Italian Pork Store on our way to Bridgehampton.

We knew we would be getting in a bit late to cook or go out for dinner, so after a long flight across the country their fresh made pizza was calling our name.  We also grabbed some pork sausages for breakfast and fresh house-made mozzarella.

David and Petrina weren’t blown away by the sausages, but the mozzarella and pizza were delicious.  While we were there I also noticed some fresh ricotta that looked intriguing.  I would be interested in trying it next time especially because I think I got a taste of it on my fried eggplant pizza and it was fabulous.


One of the things I was most looking forward to while visiting the Hamptons was shopping at all the local farm stands.  I was so impressed with not only the array of fresh produce but also breads, desserts, and specialty foods such as pickles.

The Green Thumb

Green Thumb Farm Stand Hamptons Tomatoes

Here we were looking for some fresh veggies.  We ended up buying some beautiful mushrooms to add to a pesto pasta, tomatoes that we had with the mozzarella we bought at Scotto’s, and baby potatoes we served with halibut.

Fairview Farms at Mecox

This was by far our favorite farm.  Not only was it a beautiful drive but they had a delicious array of baked goods…oh…and we saw Jimmy Fallon waiting in line behind us while we were buying our goodies.

Anna and David Fairview Farms Hamptons

We loaded up here, buying farm fresh eggs, Challah bread, a pumpkin pie, walnut pesto, and best of all, hot apple donuts that we ate on the spot.  There were so many other things I wanted to try, including their homemade pickles and a rotisserie duck.

David and Petrina Fairview Farms Apple Donuts

Petrina and David VERY excited about the fresh apple donuts. Also, the back of Jimmy Fallon’s head (he is wearing a navy sweater on the left).

If we go back to the Hamptons, this is going to be my first stop!

We also stopped at Pike Farms in Sagaponik and Vicki’s Veggies on our way home from Montauk.  Both had a nice assortment of fresh veggies.  The corn from Vicki’s was particularly delicious.

Array of Peppers Farm Fresh Carrots


Tate’s Bakery

We didn’t get a chance to stop at Tate’s flagship store in Southampton but we did pick up some of their  famous thin and crunchy cookies from a local market.  My favorite were the chocolate chip walnut!

Levain Bakery

I am a complete cookie addict so trying Levain’s world famous 6 ounce chocolate chip walnut cookie was a priority for me, but we just ran out of time.  Again…next time.   If you get a chance to go let me know if they are as good as they sound!

We had so much fun exploring the Hamptons during the day by popping around to all of these specialty shops and then relaxing at home, cooking together with a bottle of wine in the evening.

For me, it was the perfect way to experience the Hamptons.

Dinner in the Hamptons

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    Um… Big mistake not trying those cookies. Just saying.

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      The regret is real! All the more reason to return one day.

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