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Do you want to Dim Sum?

Going out for dim sum, or the Cantonese alternative to brunch, is a popular weekend event in Vancouver.  And I say “event”, rather than meal, as it really is quite the experience.

Dim sum restaurants are often enormous with large tables seating at least six people.  Our small table of four almost felt out of place!

Inside Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant Dim Sum Richmond

You must make a reservation before you go.  We attempted to go a week earlier without one and were told by the hostess that the wait would be “hours”.

At many dim sum restaurants a cart is wheeled around with a selection of items, but at Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant, we were given a menu from which to order.

Dim Sum Menu Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant RichmondAll dim sum dishes are meant to be shared and most are served in steamer baskets.

Steamed Mushroom Dumplings Dim Sum Steamed Barbeque Pork Buns Dim Sum

The food tends to be rather heavy so it is always accompanied by tea to aid with digestion

We ordered a variety of dishes to try including Chinese Crepes, barbeque pork buns, mushroom dumplings, pork spareribs in black vinegar, Chinese broccoli, a Chinese donut rolled with steamed rice noodle, and steamed pork with shrimp and black truffle dumplings.

Oh my, now that I’m writing this I realize how much we ate – especially given that I already revealed there were only four of us <blush>.

My three favorite dishes, however, were deep fried flaky scallop and taro cake (which I unfortunately did not get a photo of), pan-fried eggplant stuffed with cuttlefish paste in black bean sauce, and the curried noodles with vegetables.

Pan Fried Eggplant Stuffed with Cuttlefish Paste in black bean sauce dim sum Curried Noodles Dim Sum

There are so many dishes I still want to try, particularly the famous dim sum baked egg custard tarts.

It’s such a fun experience to spend a weekend morning immersing yourself in another culture’s traditions and eating outside of your comfort zone.  David and I both commented how much we enjoyed many dishes that we initially had no interest in tasting, but were surprisingly delicious!

Have you even been to dim sum?  Would you give it a try?

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  • Reply Natalie PelafosAugust 1, 2018 at 7:42 am

    Sounds delicious! I have always wanted to try Dim sum, this is great motivation. Glad to know ahead of time that a group is the best way to go, I want to try it ALL!

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