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Highlights From the Week – 7.24.18

David and I have been having so much fun since we arrived in Vancouver and our schedules have been non-stop!  As you know, I struggle with staying up past 10pm, but we’ve been out past midnight on the reg and even later some nights <insert gasp>.

Now that we are officially on the road, I thought I would institute a new segment on the blog to round up the highlights of what we have been up to lately.

Since it has been a while since my last post, to kick off this new segment I’m excited to tell you about all the fun things we have been up to since we arrived in Vancouver.  Please don’t be alarmed by how much of this list is going to revolve around eating <blush>.

Here are some of the highlights from this past week:

Les Ami Du Fromage Vancouver Outside

1. Les Ami Du Fromage – This is a fabulous little cheese shop located on 2nd and Burrard. They have so many cheeses in such a small space!  The staff could not be more helpful and I found the prices very reasonable, especially considering the quality and uniqueness of the cheeses.

Les Ami Du Fromage Vancouver cheese and sausages

We popped in here so I could pick out some special cheeses to take to my girlfriend’s bridal shower.  They helped me pick out a manchego, blue, brie and sharp cheddar that were crowd pleasing and complemented each other.  I was too overwhelmed at the shower to taste them, but everyone was raving which I took as a major compliment because cheese platters can be a dime a dozen these days.

Les Ami Du Fromage Vancouver cheese counter

Most notably, I bought a “Champagne Cheddar” for myself which is seriously my new favorite cheese.  It was so delicious!  They described it as a “bubbly cheddar” which is actually very appropriate.  It had the sharpness of a hard cheese but was a bit softer in texture.  Plus, it was wrapped in this beautiful emerald green wax that was very regal.

2. Ask for Luigi – David and I were so excited to get together with my college roommate and her fiancé for dinner.

Since we were planning an early dinner (so her fiancé could make it to his soccer game that evening) we decided to try to go to Ask for Luigi.  It opens at 5:30 and they don’t take reservations.  We got there at 5:20 on a Tuesday and we were third in line, by 5:30 the line was down the block.

Ask For Luigi Restuarant Vancouver Waiting in Line

It’s an adorable little restaurant and we had so much fun sharing all of the classic Italian dishes and sipping Prosecco together.

To me, the highlights of the meal were the homemade meatballs (not to be missed!) and the pastas.  We shared the Bolognese and a Pea and Ricotta Ravioli.

*Just a warning, this restaurant is definitely on the border of where Vancouver starts to get pretty sketchy.  One block east and it is a rather unsettling scene.  If you decide to give it a try, I wouldn’t want you to be alarmed by the contrast.  Being there early in the day, and as people familiar with the city who knew what to expect, we felt fine, but it could be surprising for tourists and heading further east past the restaurant will be a bit of a shock.

UBC Botanical Gardens Vancouver TreeWalk

3. UBC Botanical Gardens – We had such a fun afternoon having lunch and visiting the UBC Botanical Gardens with my friend Margaret and her adorable son Owen.

Owen was such a good sport waking up from his nap to do the TreeWalk and swaying up in the air on the walkways without a care in the world.

Margaret, Anna, Owen UBC Botanical Garden TreeWalk Vancouver

If you visit the gardens, the TreeWalk is a must.  We were lucky to find a Groupon ahead of time that gave us a nice discount, be sure to check if you can find one before you go.

Aberdeen Mall Richmond Panda Exhibit

4. Aberdeen Centre – On Sunday David, Petrina and I went on a field trip to Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. Okay, hear me out.  Visiting a mall may not seem like a “must do” but this is definitely a bit of a more unique experience.  It may not be up everyone’s alley, but it is one of my favorite things to do.

When Petrina and I were in college we used to go to Aberdeen mall as an escape because it feels like you are in a completely new world, even though it is only 20ish minutes from Vancouver.

I was so excited to bring David here but nervous that it might not be like I remembered or that he wouldn’t get it – it was better than I remember and he LOVED it.

We came starving (which is perfect) and headed straight to the food court.  It’s great to come with a couple people so that you can order all kinds of food and share it all.

It is Asian Food heaven with every food stand offering something unique.  We ordered a variety of things to try from five different places and barely scratched the surface.  I will be writing a post on our favorite things from the food court in the near future (and after a couple more trips…for the sake of research).

The shops are also really fun to see.  One of our favorites to check out is Tony Moly for its unique skincare products, makeup, and fun packaging.

We can’t wait to go back!

Picnic Spread by the beach Vancouver

5. Picnic on the beach – On Saturday Petrina and I got facials in Burnaby, stopped by Bosa Foods to pick up olives and prosciutto, and then grabbed David on the way to the beach for a picnic.

David and I had been on a big walk a couple days earlier and found a great picnic area we wanted to visit.  It was perfect!  It has lovely tables on a grassy knoll overlooking the ocean.

Vancouver Beach Picnic

We got lucky with a spot in the shade and began to unpack our epic spread which included the champagne cheddar mentioned above and a bottle of 1985 Dom Perignon we were gifted for our wedding.

1985 Dom Perignon Champagne Anna Champagne Popping 1985 Dom Perignon Beach Picnic Vancouver

We had way too much fun drinking bubbly and trying every combination of cheese, fruit, cracker/bread and antipasti we could think of while watching the sailboats go by and listening to the ocean down below.

We are having so much fun in Vancouver and have so many more things on our list we are still looking forward to enjoying.

I hope you like this new segment!  It is so much fun to share our adventures with you all and also a great way for me to remember all the fun experiences we have been having.

What were the highlights of your week?

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