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Highlights From the Week – 7.31.18

David and I just arrived in Tofino and we are so excited to be here.  I’m currently writing this post at our bed and breakfast with the view above!

This past week, we had so much fun in Vancouver.  Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Quarry Rock Hike – David and I joined our friend Margaret and her son Owen for a great hike. Located about 45 minutes from downtown, in North Vancouver, we headed out to hike Quarry Rock.It was a nice little in and out hike with lots of steps through the dense forest.  When you reach the end, there is a clearing on top of a bluff looking out at the water.  In the distance, you can see the Vancouver skyline.  If you look closely, it is visible in the photo.  The hike is relatively easy but we went on a hot day which increased the challenge – so impressed with Margaret for carrying Owen in the bjorn the all the way!View From Quarry Rock Deep Cove North Vancouver Margaret and Owen Atop Quarry Rock Hike North Vancouver
  2. The Best Doughnuts Ever – After our hike we visited the charming little town of Deep Cove where we ate the best doughnuts we’ve ever had at Honey Doughnuts and Goodies. David has not been able to stop talking about them.  We tried the chocolate, maple and honey glaze.  They were dense but spongy and had a great crumb.  Apparently Kate Winslet agrees with us.  They were also surprisingly yeasty in a delightful way.  We are already planning our next trip to Deep Cove, primarily motivated by getting these doughnuts again.
  3. Wild and Crazy Bachelorette Party – On Saturday I attended a bachelorette for my good friend and college roommate, Chelsea. It was such a great group of women and we were all ready to let loose and celebrate the bride.  We had way too much fun!  Unfortunately I think most of my pictures are a bit too inappropriate for the blog, but I did manage to get one of the two of us together.
  4. Dinner at Maria’s Taverna – After a happy hour cocktail and long afternoon of shopping together, Petrina and I were starving. We decided to meet the boys at one of our favorite neighborhood jaunts for Greek food.  Located in Kitsilano, Maria’s Taverna is everything you want in a late night cozy dinner out with your besties.  It feels like home, the food is simple but full of comforting flavors and generous portions perfect for sharing.

As I mentioned previously, it’s been go-go-go since we arrived in Vancouver.  Hoping to get some relaxation time while here in Tofino, but we are so excited to explore this area and take advantage of all the great outdoorsy things there are to do here I don’t know if we will be able to slow down.

What were the highlights of your week?

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