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Highlights From the Week – 8.14.18

I’m so bummed about this week’s highlights because we have been having SO much fun that I want to share with you but I have been terrible about taking pictures.  While I’m glad that we have been engaged in the moment, I’m disappointed not to have photo memories.  This is a good reminder to make a better effort this week – I promise I’ll try harder!

Here are some of the highlights from this past week:

1. Salmon Dinner Parties

We had not one but TWO sensational dinner parties with friends this week. Given all the salmon in our freezer we’ve taken to inviting ourselves over to our friends’ houses for dinner but promising to bring giant fillets – it has been working out wonderfully.

On Monday we joined a group of friends and went to Margaret and Nate’s for a salmon barbeque. Everything was so delicious!  We had green beans from Margaret’s parent’s farm, a delicious roasted potato salad with arugula and pesto, bread from our favorite bakery, Beyond Bread, and best of all Margaret made her Auntie Elaine’s famous bars for dessert.

On Thursday we went to our friends’, Haley and Chris’ house to eat even more salmon and visit with their daughters who I nannied for back in college. Haley grilled the salmon to perfection on a bed of parsley, cilantro and sliced lemons and oranges.  We also had roasted potatoes and a beautiful Caprese salad. For dessert, Haley made pavlova with fresh berries.

Aren’t we spoiled to have such amazing friends who are also incredible cooks?

2. Craft Brewery Visits

Vancouver has so many great craft breweries now.  They are scattered around the city but quite a few are located around Main St. and 5th.  We headed that way with our friend Justin to check out a couple.

We visited Brewhall which is located in an old converted warehouse and has a nice outdoor space.

Brewhall Craft Beer Vancouver

33 Acres which was the favorite for the actual brews.

33 Acres Brewery Fligh Vancouver

And Main Street Brewery where we also enjoyed an epic charcuterie board.

Charcuterie Board Main Street Brewing Vancouver

3. Dinner at Anna Lena

On Friday we had a fabulous dinner in Kitsilano at Anna Lena. We really enjoyed the eclectic yet modern vibe of this cozy restaurant as well as the array of shareable dishes we tried.

We had a tomato salad with green strawberries, shishito peppers with a grainy mustard aioli, halibut with ricotta gnocchi, and fried chicken with hot mustard and zucchini pickles.

Shishito Peppers Anna Lena Vancouver

The torn bread with smoky whipped butter, however, was the biggest standout for all of us.

Pull Apart Bread Anna Lena Vancouver

4. Tacos in the Rain

On Saturday we met Chelsea and Andrew for happy hour at The Ellis which turned into dinner at a taco place around the corner. The highlight was when some rain suddenly moved in but we were able to just push the table under the narrow awning and huddle up and watch the storm while drinking margaritas.

Cantina Del Kitsilano Vancouver

It’s been hot in Vancouver so the rain was welcome and we were lucky to have a cozy spot to enjoy it.  The margaritas may or may not have led us to the casino afterwards for further debauchery…

5. Jack White Concert

On Sunday Petrina had box seat tickets to the Jack White concert through her company. While I have to admit none of us were super familiar with Jack White and this is a concert we probably wouldn’t have gone to had it not been for the convenience of the tickets, we all had an absolutely wonderful time.

It’s amazing how stepping out of your comfort zone even in the littlest ways can be so stimulating.  I was initially keen mostly for the free snacks and drinks, but we all got totally into the concert and had a huge appreciation for the curated experience Jack White provided.  It was so fun to do something a little different and we were all giddy afterwards full of appreciation for the artistry of live performance.

What were the highlights of your week?

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  • Reply kateAugust 14, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    Hey, Anna! On the topic of food memories: everyone got together at Baba’s on Sunday – she and Dodie and assorted nieces, cousins, etc had prepared a Greek feast – spanakopita, that pasta with the browned butter, Greek salad (only i mis-sliced the cucumbers), and – I’m not kidding- three desserts. Wish you and David could have been there! (Petrina too!)

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