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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s House: Boring or Genius?

While I was largely uninterested in and confused by Kanye West’s Twitter rant last week, when I heard that pictures of his and Kim Kardashian’s (allegedly) $60 million house  were being shared I couldn’t resist taking a look.

Though it was largely what I expected, and you would think that my minimalist side would have been overjoyed, at first, I found myself terribly underwhelmed.

It seemed so uninspiring!  I had all these thoughts going through my head that contradict my very essence:

Where is all the color?  Don’t you have any interesting stuff?  You need things to tell a story!  Aren’t you bored in there all the time?

And then suddenly, I projected genius on it!

Is it revealing my true self?  Doesn’t art, or anything worth looking at it, make you feel something and inspire a reaction.  Even if, or especially if, that something is uncomfortable and makes you question your own perspective.

Damnit, Kanye.

After seeing it my eyes felt STARVED and I all I wanted to do was run for cover in a place that looked like this:

Architectural Digest Maximalist Home

Just seeing the stark spaces instantly made me want to embrace a maximalist aesthetic.

Am I going through a period of transition?  Is selling our stuff and pairing down to the necessities bringing out the maximalist in me?  Is Kanye’s horribly boring home making me want to rebel?  At the end of this year of moving around will I want to buy a house and fill it to the brim?

What do you think about Kim and Kanye’s house?  Do you consider yourself a minimalist or a maximalist?  Do you think these things are static?  How have your feelings about your space and décor changed over the years?

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