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Ojai, Andre Aciman, and Other Things to Think About This Weekend

Happy Weekend!  I can’t believe it’s already Friday.  David and I have had such a great week exploring Bainbridge Island and the surrounding area.  We love waking up to an ocean view in the morning and getting work done on our expansive porch with a view of Seattle and Mt. Rainier.  We’ve had fun checking out the local wineries and brewery, as well as the art museum. This little island has so much to offer!

We are now excited to head off to the Hamptons tomorrow followed by a few days in New York City.

What are you up to this weekend?

Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about lately…

Ojai has been calling my name for years.  Now that we will be in southern California for over five months, I’m hoping we will finally get the chance to check it out.  Doesn’t it look dreamy?

The most soothing, feel-good, delightful show on the planet is back, but with some major changes.  Will it be as good?  I hope so.  Waiting for the day I need its medicinal powers to fully indulge.

This interview with Andre Aciman left me breathless.  I fell in love with him after watching this scene in Call Me By Your Name.  This statement helped me understand a lot about myself and my relationships with people:

I do know that I cannot deal with people who are totally French or American—people who are fully immersed in their culture. I need people who are slightly off, slightly unhinged, interested in something else. If you’re just one thing alone, I can’t deal with you.

I’ve heard of these but completely forgot about them.  Looking forward to getting my hands on one ASAP, hopefully this will be easy when we get to California.

This has been on my mind recently, I think it’s time to get one.  David loves these and always has one on hand.

The most persuasive word in the dictionary.

With David and I loving every moment of our nomadic life so far, can’t help but wonder if this is in our future.

Can you think of any laws that “the government has to make over the male body?

Oh my goodness, are you as excited as me to see this?  I can’t wait!

These recommendations seem so obvious, but it’s take me a long time to take them to heart.  But now I really am reading more!

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    Michael is very organized and has carried a notebook for many years! He is always jotting something down!

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