Royal Mania

Is it just me or have the Royals been busy lately?  Babies! Weddings! Successors!  I can hardly keep up.

Of course today it came out the Kate and William welcomed their third child, a little boy.

The name has yet to be announced, but according to pollsters Philip is the favorite.  I don’t think they will choose Philip especially because Matt Smith’s portrayal of Prince Philip on Netflix’s The Queen brought many of his not-so-endearing qualities front and center. Ugh, he’s the worst!

Additionally, Prince Harry is thought to have a special relationship with his grandfather and may have already called dibs.

Since it’s baby number three, I’m hoping they switch it up and go for something more unique.

In other baby news, apparently Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton is also expecting a child.  Do we think it’s true? I definitely wouldn’t be surprised.

Then, after 91 years, The Queen FINALLY endorsed Prince Charles as her successor.  Prince Charles is 69 years old and has been waiting for this his whole life (well probably at least the last 30 years), and when does the Queen announce?  Right in the midst of royal baby and wedding mania.  Can we say passive aggressive?

That brings us to the final event: The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  Love this interactive article with ALL the details.  Will you be watching?

I remember people freaking out about Kate and Williams wedding and not understanding the interest.

Then, the day before the wedding I thought to myself, “why miss out on any reason to celebrate?” So I invited my mom over to my place at 5am to watch the festivities.  We drank champagne and swooned over this part of the wedding over and over (made all the better thanks to the lip readers news outlets had hired):

Prince Harry Sees Kate Middleton First Time on Wedding Day

That’s when I got bit by the Royal bug and I’ve been fascinated ever since.

So yes, I will be watching.  The second the date was announced (May 19th) I text my bff/neighbor prepared to beg her to have a pajama party with me.  To my relief, it took no convincing at all and she was fully on board.  Since we are MST we will start watching at 4am, if not sooner – there must be a pre-game show, right?

We will keep things simple with booze, tea, and scones, and slippers.  But if we were fancier I would turn to this guide for how to watch the wedding in style.

Counting down the days!  Are you as excited as I am

Photo Credit: KensingtonRoyal Instagram

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