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Top 7 Things to Do on the Dingle Penninsula – Including Where to Eat and Shop

David and I were thrilled to take a day trip to the Dingle Penninsula as we had heard it was spectacularly beautiful.  It did not disappoint.

The Dingle Peninsula is about a 2 hour drive from Killarney which is where we were based.

We really enjoyed the pace of this drive as there were a lot of stops and things to do and see along the way.

At the end of sightseeing, we stopped in Dingle to explore the town and have lunch.  We ate at Pantri Cafe, a teeny tiny restaurant focused on simple, healthy and fresh food.  It also had many vegan and gluten free options.  Everything was DELICIOUS and, I have to admit, healthy food wasn’t the easiest to come by in the countryside of Ireland, so we were thrilled to get some much needed nutrients.  If you are in the area, take advantage of the opportunity while you can!

Lunch at Pantri Cafe Dingle I

While the scenery was gorgeous and we also got a great little hike in to a lookout point above Cuomeenoole Beach, of course the highlight of the day for me was holding a baby lamb at the Fahan Beehive Huts.

Holding a Lamb at Fahan Beehive HutsThese were some of our favorite sites that are not to be missed:

  1. Inch Beach
  2. The Slea Head Drive
  3. Fahan Beehive Huts
  4. Cuomeenoole Beach – Where Star Wars was filmed
  5. Gallarus Oratory
  6. Kilmalkaedar Church
  7. Dingle Town
    • Lunch – Pantri Café 
    • Shops – Lisbeth Mulcahy Boutique, The Little Cheese Shop, Crinkles

Inch Beach Dingle Peninsual Ireland Hike overlooking Cuomeenoole Beach Dingle Peninsula Ireland Gallarus Oratory Dingle Peninsula IrelandKilmalkaedar Church Dingle Peninsula Ireland Kilmalkaedar Church Dingle Peninsula Ireland Kilmalkaedar Church Dingle Peninsula Ireland 3 Lisbeth Mulcahy Boutique Dingle Ireland Chocolates at Crinkles in Dingle Ireland Artisan Goods At Crinkle in Dingle Ireland

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