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Vancouver Pitch & Putt, Boating Indian Arm, Canadians Baseball Game, La Quercia, Olympic Village and Other Highlights from the Week

Our Vancouver trip is going by too quickly!  We leave for Whistler this week and when we get home we will only have five days left.  While I’m sad it’s coming to an end, I do feel like we’ve been making the most out of our time here and have been seizing every opportunity.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends who have given us so much of their time as well as great recommendations and arranged fabulous dinner parties and outings.

Here are some of the highlights from this past week:

  1. Pitch and Putt at Queen Elizabeth Park – Unfortunately, the B.C. wildfires have been really bad and the air quality here is quite poor. This has prevented us from getting out and hiking as much as we would like.  While it’s still best to avoid overexposure to the outdoors, going to Queen Elizabeth Park for a little pitch and putt seemed like an okay compromise as we were feeling stir crazy and wanted to get outside.  I have been wanting to learn how to play golf and this was a fun introduction!  I probably haven’t held a golf club in ten years but David was very patient and I even made par a couple times.  It was actually a lot of fun and got me excited for playing more when we get to Palm Springs.
    Queen Elizabeth Pitch and Putt Vancouver
  2. Canadians Baseball Game – I had an epic Thursday afternoon! Petrina and I met for a quick bite of sushi and then headed to the Scotiabank Stadium to see Vancouver’s minor league team play – my first baseball game in Vancouver ever!  The stadium was packed on a Thursday afternoon and it was fun to see everyone getting into the game (even though we lost 6-0).
    Canadians Baseball Game VancouverAfterwards we walked to a little cocktail bar called Grapes & Soda.
    Grapes and Soda VancouverDavid met us for a drink and some tapas and then  we headed to the movie theater to see Crazy Rich Asians which was actually a total hoot.
  3. La Quercia – On Friday David and I had a date night out to La Quercia. Inspired by our “phones free” Jack White concert, we opted for a device free evening.  We even brought an old school notebook and pen with us to dinner to take notes as we had a couple things we needed to think through together.  We had such a nice time and loved the food.  The highlights were a parmesan soufflé, porcini mushrooms on a bed of very thinly sliced pan fried potatoes, and a lovely zucchini, arugula and parmesan salad with a little hint of fresh mint.
    La Quercia Vancouver
  4. Boating Day – On Sunday a group of us rented a boat and headed towards Deep Cove for a picnic (and more Honey Donuts) and up Indian Arm for a swim. The day was definitely an adventure, full of many laughs, beautiful scenery, and delicious food.
    Honey Donuts Vancouver Deep Cove Vancouver Waterfall Indian Arm Vancouver
  5. Olympic Village – Last night I met Chelsea at her place in Olympic Village.   We grabbed a quick bite down the street during happy hour and then walked along the seawall on one of my favorite stretches because it was recently redone for the Olympics and you get a beautiful view of the harbor, mountains, and Yaletown across the water.  So nice to have some time the two of us to catch up!
    Chelsea Vancouver Olympic Village

What were the highlights of your week?

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