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Welcome Petrina!

I am overjoyed that my wonderful friend, Petrina, has decided to join AnnaEverAfter as a guest blogger – look at us growing!  Does this mean the blog officially has a “team”?

We are all in for such a treat as Petrina is a truly dedicated and gifted discoverer of wonderful things.  I consistently rely on her to introduce me to restaurants, clothing brands, recipes, new drink concepts, makeup styles and brands, interesting places and her keen observations.

Her aesthetic is eclectic and ever evolving, often heavily influenced by her surroundings and mood.  She is a wonderful story teller (you should hear her describe a four week stint in high school working at a fish factory) and has a knack for noticing details that enhance every adventure out with her.

Petrina Fishing

She has lived many interesting places, including in England (where we first met), Berlin, Mexico City, and now in Vancouver.  She is fluent in Spanish and speaks conversational German and French.  Aren’t you impressed?

Anna and Petrina England

We have the same amount of fun together whether shopping in Edinburgh, Scotland, wine tasting in the Rioja region of Spain, baking a blueberry almond cake (turned out amazing!  Recipe at the end of this post), or simply going grocery shopping.  It is always an adventure and experience.

We are overjoyed to be reunited in Vancouver and trying to embrace every moment together (which has resulted in almost two meals a day together plus all the time in between and often late into the night).

Fortunately, not only does David tolerate our infatuation with each other, he embraces it, enjoying the ride and loving where Petrina’s eccentricities can take you (usually some place very delicious).

Petrina and David Half Marathon Vancouver

In fact, David and Petrina are pretty much two peas in a pod.  Their moods are influenced by the same things (mostly food and comfort), they tend to get hungry and sleepy at the same time, neither of them need “alone time”, and they have the same cravings.

Petrina and David Fayuca Yaletown Vancouver

In summary, she’s smart, hilarious, beautiful on the inside and out and I know you are going to love her as much as we do.

I am so excited for Petrina’s upcoming posts including a lightning round Q&A and one on her go-to makeup brand.

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  • Reply KateAugust 5, 2018 at 8:39 pm

    This is wonderful news–congratulations to you both–am sure you are going to have a lot of fun working together on this blog. Also, the picture of Petrina and that fish is so dear …

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